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Selecting a logo that will set you apart from the competition

This is one of the most personal and permanent decisions one can make about starting a public venture. Fog Coast Design has your interest in mind when creating a logo that will be your professional face in the marketplace. Here are just a few considerations where we help clients decide what fits your business personality:

  • Suit yourself—your style, your vision
  • Be simple, direct, unique
  • Intuition is your ally

Case studies: logos for all types of businesses

Whether you need a logo for your business, your product, your institution, organization, team or club, a temporary program or campaign, there is a way to distill the essential meaning of that enterprise into an image, a icon of what you represent. It’s a shorthand visual symbol to establish your brand. Here are some basic examples:

Bridge Guitarworks logo
San Francisco Bay Area Guitar Shop

We went with a hand-lettered logotype and graphic that made their connection between a guitar bridge and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

MileMaker Logo

Mile Maker Diesel Truck Seals

After looking at a dozen different logotype possibilities, the client said they liked this version with “cartoon speed lines” that gave the name a feeling of movement.