• Regi Harvey CD
  • Alvin Draper CD

Packaging the Music

Music industry promotions graphics are obviously much different than standard corporate advertising. Creating arresting and provocative imagery seems to be a requirement. Boring and conservative is OK for the boardroom, but musicians and recording artists are more interested in taking chances. The key to making it work is matching the design and graphic elements to the inherent musical genre.

Regi Harvey was playing guitar-based songs in a Jimi Hendrix style. The producer of “The Regi Harvey Example” CD wanted a “hot color look”, that echoed that psychedelic pop style of the 60s. One problem to overcome was the very poor quality of the photos. By turning the photo of Regi playing his guitar into a posterized illustration the whole psychedelic appearance was actually enhanced.

The Alvin Draper CD is at the other end of the Rock & Blues music spectrum. Alvin comes from a decidedly traditional Texas Blues sound. Alvin is pure country with is ES 335 guitar and denim coveralls. A simple, home-made “Blues flavored” design was the graphic style that suited the music on the CD.

Jerry Miller Band promotional CD:
“Make it look like the recording studio with the new moon setting behind. We’d like a Japanese manga cartoon style.”